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These are Spoonface needle guardians. They have natural linen bodies with simple embroidered features, stuffed with kapok and lavender and containing a little bell, perhaps to make wishes with.
The faces are made from old spoons filled with resin and containing a hand painted face, each one is different and each is numbered. They hold a needle threader and one needle.
The inspiration for these was something I read about Saint Zita, (c. 1212 – 27 April 1272; also known as Sitha or Citha) She is an Italian saint, the patron saint in fact, of maids and domestic servants. She is often appealed to in order to help find lost keys.  She was over-worked and abused by the Family Fatinelli for whom she worked, but bore all with meek and humble self-restraint.  (Perhaps this is where J K Rowling got the inspiration for Dobby the house elf?)
She died on April 27th 1272 but when she was exhumed in 1580, her body was discovered to be incorrupt. She was canonised in 1696. Her feast day in the Roman Catholic Church is April 27. To this day, families bake a loaf of bread in celebration of St. Zita's feast day.
I will make one for anyone who would like somewhere to keep their needles and help to find lost things.  email for details


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